Julia - a senior cat advocating for senior cats

A few months ago I had the pleasure of photographing Julia at the Delta Community Animal Shelter (DCAS). She has been in the shelter for nearly two years, despite her calm and wise demeanour and regal good looks. Efforts to find Julia a home have been numerous and wide-spread. She has been shared in the news, on social media, local papers, and has been the talk of the town. Daily Hive posted about her and had over 600 shares!

Through this exposure, a significant number of senior cats were adopted from DCAS. However, sadly, Julia is still there. She ALMOST made it to a new forever home, but circumstances changed for her potential adopters and sadly she remains at the shelter.


This beautiful girl and senior cat advocate deserves the best for her golden years. She needs to be the only animal in the household, as other animals give her too much stress and anxiety, despite many attempts made to change that. She is who she is, and still deserves some love! If you or someone you know is interested, please reach out to DCAS to learn more.

Can’t adopt Julia but want to help? PLEASE make a donation to the Tollie Fund! It helps pay for her medical needs, food, and everything else she and the other animals at DCAS need!

Join us at the Delta Community Animal Expo on Aug. 18, 2019 at Memorial Park in Ladner for another opportunity to raise funds for the Tollie Fund! Bonus - you could win a custom pet portrait session by Radina Photography and some other awesome prizes from the presenting vendors!

I wish I had done this for my pet!
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