The most rewarding and the hardest part of pet photography

Pet photography is about half of what I do. I also do headshots, product photography, individual and family fine art portraiture, as well as conceptual fine art. Pet photography is my favourite genre - I don’t need to explain why - who wouldn’t want to work with the most adorable and loving creatures in our lives??

This post is dedicated to Block - a beautiful soul with two loving parents, Anna and Jamie, who recently had to say goodbye to their boy. Block had a rough start in life. For years he lived chained in a yard without proper care. He was lucky to survive when he was rescued, and even luckier to land the best home a dog can ask for. Block changed his parents’ lives with his fierce loyalty, total sweetheart personality, and unconditional love. When Block got sick, Anna and Jamie put all possible resources into giving him a fighting chance through his cancer diagnosis, through surgery, through recovery, through 24 hour home care. They sacrificed all they possibly could, and their dedication gave their family 6 more months to live fully together. To make every moment count. To take advantage and fully appreciate the little time they had together.

It is a great honour that one of these things they chose to do to celebrate the time they had was to invite me into their home to capture Block’s life. It was a beautiful day, and as sick as Block was, he had a decent day and obliged us with 100% cuteness, and allowed us to capture him as he is - on the couch, in the yard, eating snow, napping on the deck - all little sweet moments that Anna and Jamie can look back on and treasure forever. This is the most rewarding, and the hardest part of pet photography.

My heart is with Anna and Jamie as they grieve their sweet baby boy Block, and as they courageously wait for time to do the job of moving them forward without him.

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