I would love to help you create a simple, clean, and informative website.

No frills. No headaches. To the point.
Training included!

There are a number of tools available on the internet to make your own website from a chosen template. There is Wix, there is Squarespace, there is Weebly, and about a hundred more similar services. So easy, even YOU can do it! But should you? What those tools can’t do for you is decide WHAT to add to your website, what to leave out, and how to make sure your information is laid out in a user-friendly way to guarantee you connect effectively with your audience.

You just want something that works, makes sense, and you understand how to update it yourself as needed. You’ve come to the right place! Here is the process:

  • We get on the phone and chat about your needs and how I can help. We touch on budget at this point!

  • We get together and have a planning session. We discuss what needs to go on your website, what doesn’t, the overall look and usability, colours and visuals. We can add a photography package to your service to get this done right!

  • I create a mockup website with some placeholder content. We get together again, discuss, revise, and solidify the final design together.

  • Done! Well, almost! I can’t leave you just yet…

  • We get together one, two, or three more times - so that I can teach you how to work on your website yourself! You may need to change up some information in the future, swap out images, add events, or track website traffic. All packages include a few training hours to ensure you have the confidence to do this yourself!

Simple portfolio-based websites (with a portfolio page, about me page, and contact page) start at $700+GST, and include 2 hours of hands-on training time! Add-on features include e-mail marketing set up, online booking forms, detailed registration forms, photography, and more. I am also happy to provide a consultation to give you feedback and guidance on your current website if you’re looking to take it up a few notches! Consultation fees start at $120/hr + GST.

It’s best to have a chat on the phone first to see what you might need, what you don’t, and take it from there!

Book your complimentary 15 minute phone consultation today!