Welcome! I am so excited to help you create a lasting memory with your beloved pet!

A little about me - I began specializing in pet portraiture after losing my own furbaby girl Seven to kidney failure in 2017. She was my world, and losing her was very painful. I found great comfort in surrounding myself with her portraits throughout my home.

Mounted Print

I specialize in museum quality custom artwork. I am a conceptual visual artist as well as a portrait photographer, and this really helps me combine those two passions in a wonderful way! After working with me, you will leave with something beautiful and tangible, which you will be proud to display on the walls in your home, and enjoy the daily reminder of the love in your life!

I’m sure you’re curious about how it all works and are wondering if your pet will “behave”, so I’ve put together some frequently asked questions:

1) What if my pet won’t sit still for a photo?

This is a very common question. A photograph takes 1/200th of a second to create - we just have to time it right, make sure the scene is set to create a beautiful portrait, and apply some trickery! Or I should say treat-ery! We will work together to make your pet comfortable, use noises, treats, and sometimes a leash to get the result we are after. We will go over all of this during your consultation, so that we have a solid plan going into the shoot!

2) I have a black pet and they are very tricky to photograph - will this be a problem?

I LOVE working with black dogs, cats, bunnies, and whatever else you bring to me! Capturing black pets is very tricky for the average person who doesn’t have professional tools and expert knowledge. This is why you work with me - black dog, white dog, black and white pair - I’ve got all the tools to create a beautiful portrait which shows your animals’ true beauty as your eyes see it.

3) Do we have to bring our pet to your studio?

Some pets would be far too anxious to come into a strange place, and that will show in their portrait - this is especially true for cats. We will discuss this during your consultation, but I often do the photoshoot in my clients’ homes! I find pets are most comfortable and “themselves” in their own home!

4) I want to do the photoshoot at my home, but I’m worried it may be too cramped, and I don’t have clean white walls - how do we make it work?

Some of these are studio shots, some are taken in my clients’ homes, some are outdoors!

Some of these are studio shots, some are taken in my clients’ homes, some are outdoors!

We can make any space work, with the right tools and vision. When I photograph pets in their homes, I always bring my professional lighting and a backdrop to create a clean space for portraits. If necessary, I can help you move furniture around and move clutter out of the frame. What I encourage my clients to do is take a few photos on your cell phone around your home prior to our consultation. This will help us prepare well for the photoshoot.

5) How does a pet portrait session work?

I pride myself in offering my clients a full service experience. We start out by having a consultation in my studio (humans only), to go over all the beautiful artwork options and full pricing for each, and we will talk about what may work best for you and your home. I also learn more about your pet, their personality, their perks, and make a solid plan for what our photoshoot will look like.

Next, we execute our plan and create some portraits! After about a week, I have processed and narrowed down your best portraits, and invite you back into my studio for your viewing and ordering appointment. Here I will guide you on choosing your favourites and the art products that make sense for you. I also use specialized software that will help us visualize the final portraits on your own walls at home - which portrait will look best at what size, building custom photo clusters, and more! This is when you pay for your order. You can pay by e-transfer, credit card, or cash (note: there is sales tax, just like any other business).

And a few weeks after your order - you will have your portrait art in your hands, ready to go up on the wall!

6) What is the investment for a typical pet portrait?

My session fee is 300, and covers our two meetings and the photoshoot, my talent, and a 100 credit towards your ordering appointment. Please note that no printed or digital portraits are covered by the session fee alone. Artwork is purchased during your ordering appointment and investment can vary, depending on which products you choose. Framed fine art prints start at 300 and wall art starts at 400. Typically, clients invest north of 500 during their ordering appointment.

I would love to get on the phone with you to discuss how we can celebrate your pet and answer any other questions! Fill out the form below and I will get back to you as soon as I can!

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